Fighting DWI Charges In North Carolina

The state of North Carolina does not take drunk driving offenses lightly. Even a first-time conviction could mean you will spend time in jail. If you are a soldier or civilian contractor stationed at Fort Bragg, you could lose your security clearance.

As soon as possible after your arrest, it is important that you obtain experienced legal representation. Here in Fayetteville, people charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) have turned to me, attorney R. Gregg Edwards, for more than 30 years to safeguard their legal rights.

A Wide Variety Of Consequences Are At Stake

Many people plead guilty to DWI charges in an attempt to avoid jail and move on with their lives. Unfortunately, they do not think about the severe consequences beyond jail that exist. Even if you avoid jail time, you could be putting your career in jeopardy and dealing with thousands of dollars in costs related to:

  • Fines
  • Court fees
  • Alcohol treatment classes and rehabilitation
  • Increased insurance rates

Before pleading guilty, an experienced lawyer like me can review the details of your arrest to determine if police respected your legal rights. This includes having probable cause to stop you, conducting a legal search of your vehicle and using proper blood alcohol testing equipment.

A conviction could also mean license suspension or revocation. Additionally, if you are reassigned to a base outside of North Carolina, any unpaid fees could prevent you from getting a license in your new state.

While in many cases it will be beneficial to negotiate for a reduction or dismissal of charges, as an experienced litigator, I can assert your rights at trial if necessary to protect your interests.

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