Attorney Helping You File For Bankruptcy

Many people experience financial difficulties through no fault of their own. You may lose your job or be forced to accept a pay cut because of a generalized economic downturn or dramatic shifts in the global economy.

Capable legal counsel may help to ease some of the burden of your financial problems. I am attorney Gregg Edwards. I have been helping people in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and throughout the region seek bankruptcy protection for more than 30 years, representing them in all types of proceedings, including:

  • Chapter 7, in which most debts are discharged or forgiven
  • Chapter 13, in which most debts are repaid through the bankruptcy court
  • Bankruptcy litigation
  • Representing non-filing spouses when a spouse attempts to discharge family court obligations
  • Bankruptcy appeals

Get The Debt Relief You Need

While your income may slow down or stop, the bills keep coming in, and they never get any smaller. In fact, if all you can make are the minimum monthly payments, you may find that your bills are actually getting bigger.

Living and working near Fort Bragg for decades, I have a deep understanding of the financial struggles our men and women in uniform face. I have helped many soldiers filing for bankruptcy maintain security clearances.

Serious financial problems can be a great emotional burden. Not only is there the pressure of trying to provide for yourself and your family, there is the added aggravation of telephone calls, letters and, sometimes, personal visits from those trying to collect money from you. Added to that is the uncertainty about the future that financial hardship can bring.

Filing for bankruptcy can put a stop to all of that. As your lawyer, I will help you find the best path forward and ensure that creditors stop harassing you.

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Bankruptcy can be a tool to put your financial house in order, and get a fresh start. If you are having financial difficulties, contact me today for a free evaluation of your situation. You can reach my Fayetteville office via email or by calling 910-705-4890.